Student Agreement

In order to participate in the RB Stage Company youth theatre program and workshops, students must agree to the following:

  • Students will arrive on time and prepared by 9am (no earlier than 8:45am) and be released and picked up at 4pm (no later than 4:15 pm).
  • Each student is required to check in and check out each day. During check-in and check-out, students agree to stay within designated zones.
  • Students will respect the property of RB Productions and Capitol Center for the Arts, including all equipment, props and costumes.
  • Responsible behavior and respect for Facility Staff, RB Staff and Volunteers, and fellow Actors/Actresses will be expected at all times. Students will stay in designated areas as put forth by directors.
  • Foul language and bullying are not permitted. Remember we have a wide variety of ages in our programs. Attendees are expected to exhibit good behavior at all times.
  • Appropriate clothing (dance shoes) is required for general rehearsal times and performances. Shorts with pockets (for mics!) are required for dress rehearsals and performances.
  • Actors and actresses are required to attend all performances for each show they are in.
  • A completed Registration Packet, including a signed Courtesy Contract, Medical Information Form, and Waiver and Release is required on or before the first day. See Required Forms for more information.


What I love about RB Productions…

is the feeling of show night, with the cast all gathered together backstage. Cast = FAMILY

Youth Participant